Monday, 2 January 2017

The future of worldwide power

I thought I had an original idea, I did not but we could have free power worldwide using Solar Energy after the infrastructure is paid for and maintained as the Sun is always shining somewhere on the Earth, have a look.

We could transfer power from where it's Warm and bright to where it's cold and dark.

I personally feel this endeavour is being stopped by Big Oil.
Obviously other forms of free energy Hydro,Wave,Wind would help.
All thats needed is cables from the Sahara across the Meditreanean near Gibraltar, the Baring Strait & down to Australia via Indonesia by far the longest cable.

Lithium as used in Lithium ion batteries costs $20,000 a tonne and it has a lot of disadvantages. With a global power grid you dont need expensive exploding Lithium Ion batteries which fail every two or so years to power your House overnight from Teslas solar panels which work well in good weather. Power for  Electric Cars can be picked up from electric cables under roads like the iWatch's charging mechanism and the usual pessimistic 100 miles per charge Lithium Ion batteries can be used on minor roads.

Copper is expensive for the big underwater cables and heats up and causes power losses but this looks promising in the future.
This is the future God knows how much fossil fuels we have left maybe 30 years is a reasonable guess & it's a horrible to be wasting fossil fuels when we need it more for other stuff. The Sun will stay going for another 8 years & I think forward thinking Investors should stop looking at Oil & get going with these Fantastic Technologies.

Alternative uses of Solar Reflectors in Deserts without distributing it for electricity would be to use it to melt steel or convert plastics or used tyres back to Oil at high temperatures here is one example.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you wish to discuss these ideas further, if you are interested in collabarating with me on a venture.

Elon Musks Solar City will be viable, however, if John B Goodenoughs new Sodium Battery or similar takes off as this be a lot cheaper than the Batteries for houses Solar City is currently making for powering houses when the Sun isn't shining. Also, there is only 64 million tons of Lithium mineable in the world, enough for 64 million electric cars, and not much else, and, not much energy seems to have gone into recycling Lithium ion batteries.

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